Millpond Center Kroger
Millpond Center
Millpond Center is a 124,498 square foot Kroger-anchored neighborhood center located in Lexington, Kentucky. The shopping center includes national tenants such as Workout Anytime, Pizza Hut, and Subway, as well as local institutions such as Banners Pub. The center is well-located on 16.80 acres in the dense and affluent suburbs southwest of Lexington. It is situated along the area’s predominate ring road, Man O War Boulevard (26,000 Vehicles Per Day), at its intersection with Boston Road. The property is located just off of the area’s primary north-south retail node, Nicholasville Road. Within a 3-mile radius of Millpond Center, there is a population of over 78,000 people with an average household income of $84,000, well-above the national average.
Lexington, KY
Southside Pub Suite A0A 4,980 SF
Revive Chiropractic Center Suite A0C 2,640 SF
First Class Barbershop Suite A0E 1,251 SF
Premiere Family Eye Care Suite A0F 1,200 SF
Kroger Liquor Store Suite A0G 3,000 SF
Foilage Chinese Suite C0A 2,000 SF
Nail Lounge Suite C0B 2,000 SF
Boston Road Animal Clinic Suite C0C 2,000 SF
Available Suite C0D 4,000 SF
Martial Arts Lexington Suite C0F 2,500 SF
Feeder Supply Suite D0A 11,480 SF
Subway Suite D0G 1,200 SF
American Hair Studio Suite D0H 1,600 SF
A Brighter Future Suite D0K-B 3,750 SF
Papa John’s Pizza Suite D0K-A1 1,339 SF
Mobility Plus Suite D0K-A2 1,334 SF
Great Bagel and Bakery Suite D0M 3,500 SF
Workout Anytime Suite D0R 7,500 SF
Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches Suite R0A 1,168 SF
Ken Towery's Tire & AutoCare Suite R0B 6,464
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