Village Shoppes of Sugarloaf
Village Shoppes of Sugarloaf
Village Shoppes of Sugarloaf
Village Shoppes of Sugarloaf
Village Shoppes of Sugarloaf
Village Shoppes of Sugarloaf
Village Shoppes of Sugarloaf
Village Shoppes of Sugarloaf is a 149,805 square foot Publix-anchored neighborhood center located in the affluent northeast Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville, GA. The shopping center includes national tenants such as US Renal Care, Farmers Insurance, Goodwill, and Sally Beauty as well as local tenants such as Tobacco Depot, China Delight, Trecey’s Closet, Kim’s Alterations, Posh Nails, Pro Cleaners, Eastside Urgent Care, and Riverside Pizza. The center is well-located in the dense and affluent suburbs northeast of Atlanta. It is situated along the area’s primary arterial road, Sugarloaf Parkway. Within a 3-mile radius of Village Shoppes of Sugarloaf, there is a population of approximately 79,000 people with average household incomes of nearly $91,000, roughly 50% higher than the national average. Within 1 mile of the center, incomes are just over $101,000.
Lawrenceville, GA
Goodwill Donation Center Suite A 1,500 SF
AVAILABLE Suite B 1,400 SF
Balazo Exclusivo Suite C 800 SF
China Delight Suite D 1,000 SF
The Little Yogis Suite E 1,000 SF
Str8 Razor Barbershop Suite F 1,000 SF
AVAILABLE Suite G 1,000 SF
US Renal Care Suite A-1 10,000 SF
Too Mini Donuts Suite B-1 1,000 SF
Tobacco Depot Suite B-2 1,200 SF
Brookwood Eyecare Suite B-3 1,500 SF
AVAILABLE Suite B-4/5 3,000 SF
Dominican Barbershop Suite C-1 1,500 SF
Yes Queen Beauty Supply Suite C-2 1,500 SF
Natural Defense Vitamins & Smoothie Bar Suite C-3 1,500 SF
Tai'Sheree Suite C-4 1,500 SF
Press Express Hair Suite C-5 1,500 SF
Brazilian Wax by Andrea Suite D-1 1,500 SF
ABC Center Aesthetic Suite D-2B 1,000 SF
Trecey's Closet Suite D-2A 1,000 SF
Kim's Alterations Suite D-3 1,000 SF
Class Act Security Protection Suite D-4 1,500 SF
Gwinnett Humane Society Suite D-5 2,000 SF
Sanbra Restaurant Suite D-6 2,700 SF
Reprise Tax and Accounting Services Suite D-7 1,100 SF
Posh Nail & Spa Suite E-1 4,100 SF
Nemo Aquariums Suite E-2 4,004 SF
Tapout Fitness Suite F-1 6,000 SF
Kid to Kid Suite F-3 5,882 SF
Sally Beauty Supply Suite G-1 1,500 SF
CodeWiz Suite G-2 1,500 SF
The UPS Store Suite G-3 1,500 SF
Dacula Dollar Suite G-4 1,400 SF
Q's Seafood Suite G-5 3,500 SF
Lilburn Medical Institute Suite G-6 1,938 SF
Reconstructed by Sam Suite G-7 1,937 SF
AMA Dental Care Suite G-8 1,725 SF
Bed Valley Mattress Suite G-9 3,000 SF
Publix Employee Federal Credit Union Suite OL2B 1,105 SF
Publix Employee Federal Credit Union Suite OL2A 3,575 SF
Pro Cleaners Suite OL1 1,500 SF
Trust Cellular Suite OL1B 1,200 SF
Eastside Urgent Care Suite OL1A 4,000 SF
Riverside Pizza Suite OL1C 1,300 SF
Avg. HHI
Richard Wiles