Waterford Village
Waterford Village
Waterford Village
Waterford Village
Waterford Village
Waterford Village
Waterford Village is a 108,249 square foot Harris Teeter-anchored neighborhood center located in Leland, North Carolina. The shopping center includes national tenants such as Panera, Wells Fargo, Club Pilates, Jersey Mike’s, UPS Store, and Great Clips as well as local institutions such as Christopher’s Steakhouse and Frank’s Pizza. The center is well-located in the affluent suburbs west of Wilmington. It is situated along the area’s primary arterial road connecting Wilmington and its beaches with the burgeoning town of Leland. Brunswick County, the county in which the center is located, is the fastest-growing county in North Carolina with growth more than 4 times the national average. Within a 3-mile radius of Waterford Village, there is a population of nearly 25,000 people with an average household income of $73,911, well-above the national average.
Leland, NC
Island Fresh Mex Grill Suite A0A 3,060 SF
Ultra Tan Suite A0B 1,405 SF
Papa John's Pizza Suite A0C 1,405 SF
The UPS Store Suite A0D 1,400 SF
Mattress Emporium Suite A0E 1,402 SF
Chiropractic Suite A0F 1,420 SF
Splish Splash Dog Wash Suite A0G 1,420 SF
Wok & Roll Suite A0H 1,422 SF
Christopher's Steakhouse Suite A0K 4,030 SF
Computer Warriors Suite A0M 1,440 SF
Falcone’s Pizzeria Suite A0N 1,403 SF
Beverly Nails Suite A0Q 1,400 SF
Great Clips Suite A0R 1,400 SF
Luxe Home Interiors Suite A0U 4,280 SF
Jersey Mike's Suite B0A 1,600 SF
Kendall's Hallmark Shop & Alayna's Boutique Suite B0B 3,361 SF
EGS Cabinets Suite B0D 729 SF
Sears Dental Suite B0F 4,000 SF
Panera Bread Suite E0A 4,205 SF
Pivot Physical Therapy Suite E0D 2,250 SF
Capelli Salon Suite E0F 2,011 SF
Milly’s Ice Cream Suite E0H 925 SF
Five Guys Suite F0D 2,400 SF
Available Suite F0E 2,220 SF
Club Pilates Suite F0F 1,875 SF
Intracoastal Realty Corporation Suite F0G 2,880 SF
Wells Fargo Suite R0A 4,025 SF
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